Joy Orbison, Boddika and Pearson Sound team up on new single

The next episode in Joy Orbison and Boddika’s Sunklo series of singles is a three-man collaboration with Pearson Sound.

Sunklo launched with Joy Orbison and Boddika’s ‘Froth’ in February, before the blink and you’ll miss it ‘Dun Dun’ followed in April. SUNKLOFREE (which follows SUNKLOWUN and  SUNKLOWTUU – get it?) is a three track affair, and finds Orbison and Boddika teaming up with Hessle Audio’s Pearson Sound on A-side ‘Faint’. The B-side then features two new Boddika and Orbison collaborations, ‘Nil (Reece)’ and ‘Moist’.

Boddika broke the news this evening, linking to a Discogs entry for the single. SUNKLOFREE is released on July 17; presumably, like other Sunklo singles, it’s vinyl only. You can stream ‘Dun Dun’, the pair’s last collaboration, below.



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