Outkast’s Big Boi has reveled more details about Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumours, his new album.

We already knew that the record – the follow-up to Big Boi’s excellent solo debut Sir Lucious Left Foot – would drop on November 13, and in ‘Gossip’ and ‘She Said OK’, we’ve heard two excellent leaks from it. In a new interview with GQ (now, suddenly, a weirdly useful source of hip-hop news – tip!), Big Boi reveals that Vicious Lies will feature appearances from Kid Cudi as well as, more interestingly, Swedish pop group Little Dragon. He’s also been in the studio with A$AP Rocky, though that may not be for the album.

Big Boi also claims that he intends to do “something creative” with the video for ‘Gossip’, which features a verse from UGK’s late Pimp C (“We’re trying to figure it out right now how we’re going to do the video. We’re going to do something creative. That Tupac hologram was spooky… but dope”), and talks about his new range of socks (“I’m the sock king! They’ve got a cape on the back – that’s how I flew here. I got my own socks line coming out with Crooks & Castles. Head over to 677 Antone Street, Atlanta Georgia, 30318 and get some!”).

Oh, and as for that Andre 3000 solo album? He is “supposed to be” releasing it soon, but “you got to talk to him, that boy changes his mind so much I can’t even speak on that no more.”

Read the full interview here, and stream ‘Gossip’ below.



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