Photek’s recent DJ-Kicks set was a fine insight into how the veteran producer’s sound has evolved over the years.

The mix pulled away from the busy textures and tempos of Photek’s drum’n’bass days, instead focusing in on more self-avowedly “introspective” fare from the likes of Sepalcure and Boddika. One of the gems was exclusive Photek track ‘Levitation’, a swoonsome piece of atmospheric broken beat that wouldn’t have sounded hugely out of place on Kuedo’s Severant.

!K7 are now letting the track soar on its own terms with a 12″ release, backed by some tasty remixes. The ‘Levitation’ 12″ will feature reworks from uncompromising Tenement Yard superviser Altered Natives and Dutchman Tom Bulwer. Altered Natives has spilled some ink about what to expect from his take: “It was a great honour to get the opportunity to remix one of my musical heroes, Photek’s drum arrangements and sense of percussion always inspired me when I was younger so it only seemed right in my mind that I remixed his work in my own percussive style. I chose to follow his song’s original structure as I loved the classical feel and progression of the original version plus his use of more organic sound, so I chose to rewrite using less of the original’s parts instead replaying it all with sounds organic/inorganic more familiar to this end of my own production spectrum. I hope you enjoy the reworking”

‘Levitation’ will arrive on July 30. You can listen to the original below, and also enjoy an excerpt from Altered Native’s reinterpretation.

Photek – ‘Levitation’

Photek – ‘Levitation’ (Altered Natives remix)



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