As Pole, Stefan Betke has continually shaped the development of glitch, not to mention its more esoteric offshoots.

Pole’s first three records – 1,2 and 3, released sequentially at the tail end of the Nineties – were high watermarks for bristling electronica. His releases over the last decade have taken a couple of unexpected turns: 2003’s contentious Pole featured numerous vocal contributions from Fat John, and 2007’s Steingarten saw more abrasive textures forcing their way into Betke’s dub chamber.

Since the Autumn of last year, Betke’s farmed out two EPs of tumescent electronica under the Waldgeschichten umbrella. Playground now report that the third and final part of the series is now on the way. Two excerpts below offer a taste of what to expect: ‘Lurch’ is a chilly example of Pole’s inimitable dub-techno, whereas ‘Moos’ is a clipped, bleepy affair.

The release is, as they say, a beginning as well as an end. The Waldgeschichten series is being touted as an extended prologue to a Pole full-length proper in 2013. Waldgeschichten 3 is due on August 27, courtesy of Pole’s own self-titled label.



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