Global Communication mainman Tom Middleton has assembled a government of all the talents for a new label.

Sound Of The Cosmos will hone in on releases which nod towards or are indebted to classic two-step. Middleton’s co-conspirators in the venture are Slugrave member (and, fact fans, Middleton’s former flatmate) Richie Rundle and past FACT contributor Joe Muggs. Middleton clearly sees the label as a means of drawing links between sounds old and new:

“[I] was very much into the 2-Step/UKG sound (MJ Cole/Zed Bias/Oris Jay/Steve Gurley) and religiously attended the very early days of FWD>> at Velvet Rooms/Plastic People for inspiration, celebration and dancing to the newest syncopations and bass lines. And right now head over heels in love with the production progress I’ve been hearing over last few years in the evolution and blurring of styles across Bass Music/Grime/Electronica/IDM/Detroit Techno…Post-Dubstep!?!”

The label takes its name from Middleton’s well-regarded mixtape from 2002, which investigated the fringes of garage and broken beat. The first SOTC release will be a five-track compilation showcasing a range of contemporary artists doing interesting things with Middleton’s rubric. Distal and Silkie will collaborate on one track, and VVV will also contribute new cut ‘Arrival’. All five contributions are available to sample below. Another compilation is set to follow later in the year, featuring the likes of Geoim, Muggs favourite Blacksmif, DJ Distance and Universal Solution. [via Resident Advisor]

The label are also muscling into the events arena with a boat party at this year’s Dimensions festival. We recently exhumed last year’s insightful interview with Global Communication – head over here to read it.



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