News did the rounds on Wednesday that Californian super-festival Coachella might find itself without a home in 2014.

Festival organisers had claimed that a possible admissions tax in the area would price the event out of Indio. Coachella boss Paul Tollett warned that the hike would necessitate a whopping $36 rise in ticket prices. Considering that advance tickets for next year cost already $349, the extra increase was deemed a bump too far.

Exclaim now report that Coachella’s woes are over. The contentious tax change has now been scrapped, meaning Coachella can stay put without having to ramp up prices. City councillor Sam Torres, who was originally responsible for petitioning for the tax change, has issued a press release claiming that he’ll be mothballing the plans and endeavouring to work in co-operation with the festival.

Torres’ U-turn certainly isn’t mealy-mouthed:  “I cannot in good conscience allow this to happen no matter how dire the city’s circumstance. My sincere hope is that we can now move past this episode and I personally look forward to working to enhance relationships.” He had previously responded to Tollett’s concerns by saying “I don’t take a threat by Paul Tollett lightly.”

Those interested in the implications of tax rises for live events should definitely acquaint yourselves with the potentially disastrous developments in Berlin.



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