Following on from the news that Aphex Twin would tackle Steve Reich at The Barbican, further details have emerged of the minimalist legend’s mooted Radiohead-inspired piece.

We learned back in January that Reich would be reinterpreting on the Oxford behemoths on a new piece. We already knew that the arrangement would be based around Kid A opener ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ and In Rainbows’ ‘Jigsaw Falling Into Place’, but The Quietus have now gleaned further information about what to expect.

The composition will be titled ‘Radio Rewrite’, and will clock in at around 18-20 minutes length. The score, designed for the London Sinfonietta, will feature two pianos, flute, two vibraphones, string quartet and electric bass. According to Reich, it’ll be a liberal interpretation of Radiohead’s source material:

“What if I took these songs, ‘Everything in its Right Place’ and ‘Jigsaw Falling into Place’, and used some of the harmonies, some of the bass lines, some of the melodic material, but going my own way with it, using that material as a starting point, a stimulus. Sure enough, it worked. You know, you go where the energy is.”

Reich claims the rockier aspects of both tracks, particularly the latter, have been toned done: “If you didn’t know the original material, rock and roll wouldn’t cross your mind…sometimes something comes to the surface which reminds you very clearly… of what [Radiohead does].”

Although unfinished, the composition is reputedly close to completion. The piece is due a March 2013 premiere. As Pitchfork note, Radiohead have recently been recording new material in Jack White’s Third Man studio. Reich plays BLOC Festival later this evening.



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