G.O.O.D. Music’s getting all the heat at the moment, but reports suggest that Kanye’s camp may have an even bigger project in the works for 2012.

MTV News suggest that a new Kanye solo album is likely to follow hot on the heels of G.O.O.D. Music’s forthcoming Cruel Summer LP. In an interview, producer and Yeezy collaborator No I.D. (most recently responsible for Nas’ ‘Daughters’ and ‘Loco-Motive’) claimed that Kanye is looking to get his sixth studio album out pretty sharpish. Asked when the next Kanye record could be expected in relation to Cruel Summer, No I.D. said “He’s coming right after that”.

No I.D. also revealed that, even though he won’t appear in the liner notes for Cruel Summer, his work will feature on Kanye’s solo full-length: “I’m working on his album. This is Kanye. You know what to expect from the family. He hasn’t missed yet, so don’t expect him to miss.” Thus far, we know we can expect animal noises, hopefully some Hudson Mohawke work, and, if certain quarters are to be believed, some jihadist propaganda to boot.

Kanye’s next album will be his first since 2010’s ultra-widescreen My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The above information is hardly a cast iron guarantee that we’ll see any music soon, but it suggests Kanye’s not putting his feet up.

In other rap behemoth news, Lil Wayne has signalled that Tha Carter V will arrive in 2013. Prefix point towards a web chat with the singer, where one plucky fan asked when we could expect the record. Weezy’s response is fairly categorical: “Carter 5 will come most likely next year”. Wayne’s last instalment in the series came out in 2011, and got something of a lukewarm reception, particularly compared to the wild critical and commercial success of 2008’s Tha Carter III.

G.O.O.D. Music release Cruel Summer on August 7.



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