We’re currently enjoying the Soundcloud of Kansas, USA’s Morri$ very much.

As the Lex Luger-style trap-rap drum template becomes ubiquitous to the point of, well, just seeming unimaginative at times, there’s more opportunity than ever for artists to take that palette – huge 808 kick drums and sharp, rolling snares and hi-hats, usually accompanied by sort kind of ominous rising synth – and flip it in interesting, unique new ways. Morri$ seems to be someone doing just that.

We first became aware of his music last Autumn, and a spot in Bok Bok’s recent Night Slugs mix for ‘White Hood’ – forthcoming on the Night Slugs label – jogged our memory. In some ways, what Morri$ does to the trap-rap template is similar to what Bok Bok did with grime on his Southside EP, using the authentic, Triton Rack-style sounds of the original genre, but adding layers of atmospherics and changing the dynamic and structure until it resembles something new.

Check out audio of ‘White Hood’ below, and a bunch of other Morri$ tracks here.



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