There’s been a bundle of James Murphy-related news over the weekend.

In an interview with The New York Times, Murphy – always an entertaining subject – revealed that the band might reunite for a one-off cover version. Murphy claims that an (unnamed) director he knows personally has requested that the band reconvene for the soundtrack to their (unnamed) film. LCD Soundsystem only called it a day around this time last year, but Murphy says that the cover version is something that everyone in the group “seems to want to do”.

Murphy also revealed that he’s recording music on his own, saying “lately I’ve been making little synth songs at other people’s studios”. Interestingly, he claims that he was also signed up to write the soundtrack for an adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections, but that the project was shelved. The drama was set to be directed by Noah Baumbach, with whom Murphy collaborated on 2010’s Greenberg. Murphy insists he was also in talks to appear in the show (as Gary, Franzen fans), certainly a more demanding role than his apparently silent appearance in forthcoming indie-flick the The Comedy (see below).

Following Moby’s lead, Murphy is also now opening his own commercial enterprise in Brooklyn. The House Of Good boutique will sell a cornucopia of miscellaneous tat: coffee, Danish candy, socks, speakers from China and luggage designed by Murphy are some of the bits and bobs on the stock list.

Last on the Murphy hit-list: some interesting words on the legacy of LCD Soundsystem: “That band was me. Even if I go make a record and it says James Murphy, it’s still me. There’s a through line with that stuff that I don’t feel like it’s in my past. I will be very happy if I make a bunch more records, and 15 years from now someone asks me about LCD Soundsystem because they feel like that’s the important thing. I’ve watched too many artists in my life forget how good the things they used to do were.”



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