Rick Ross, when he’s not punching meat, is evidently making good use of major league hip-hop’s highly effective phone tree.

As the tracklisting for new album God Forgives, I Don’t demonstrates, Ross has been able to call on some seriously hefty guests. We already knew about Usher and Meek Mill, but listeners can now also expect a guest verse from Andre 3000, crooning from Ne-Yo and, most enticingly of all, a Rick Ross/Dr. Dre/Jay-Z team-up called ‘3 Kings’.

As expected, there are plenty of Maybach Music Group features too. Omarion, Wale, Drake and Stalley will all be representing the ‘Power Circle’ on the record. [via Exclaim]

God Forgives, I Don’t is due on Maybach Music Group on July 31.

1. Pray For Us
2. Pirates
3. 3 Kings (ft. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z)
4. Ashamed
5. Maybach Music IV (ft. Ne-Yo)
6. Sixteen (ft. Andre 3000)
7. Amsterdam
8. Hold Me Back
9. 911
10. So Sophisticated (ft. Meek Mill)
11. Presidential (ft. Elijah Blake)
12. Ice Cold (ft. Omarion)
13. Touch’N You (ft. Usher)
14. Diced Pineapples (ft. Wale & Drake)
15. Ten Jesus Pieces (ft. Stalley)



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