John Elliott: Emeralds synth player; Spectrum Spools label boss; unreformed workaholic.

As with his other Emeralds bandmates, Elliott turns out solo records at an impressive rate. His discography continues to expand with centrifugal force with the release of another LP under the Outer Space moniker, titled II. The album is set to arrive later this month on Blast First Petite, and will be limited to 1000 copies. The release will follow hot on the heels of Akashic Record (Events 1986-1990) on Editions Mego.

Like Akashic Record, which sees Elliott working with a host of Midwestern synth-twiddlers, II is very much a jam band project. The album is set to feature Outer Space associates Drew McDowall, Jeff Hatfield, Adam Miller and Andrew Verres. The first side is described as focusing on melody, whereas Side B is a “side-long concrete piece in homage to [composer and Charlie Mingus associate] İlhan Mimaroğlu and [musique concrete artist] Tod Dockstader”.

We can allegedly also expect two more records from Outer Space later this year, with II being described as the first part of a trilogy. The album is set to offer “less claustrophobia and more breathable air” than its predecessor. [via Exclaim]

II is due on July 23.



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