Kanye West: "my music is perfect... this is the best that you gone in this lifetime"

Kanye West is a lot of things – one of the world’s best source’s for musical news, for one – but humble isn’t one of them. And for that, we’re glad.

At last Friday’s sold-out Atlanta City show – pretty much all of which is on YouTube, if you fancy watching it – Yeezy took the opportunity to lay into website MediaTakeOut, referring to them as “fucking full of shit … Show your motherfucking face so I can smack the shit out you. Making up shit every day”, before referring to himself as “flawed as a human being … As a man I am flawed, but my music is perfect!”. Granted, that last line was delivered with at least a hint of a knowing smile.

“This is the best that you gone get ladies and gentlemen”, West continued, “in this lifetime I’m sorry. You can go back to Beethoven or Sujit or you know, but as far as this lifetime go…this is all you got.”

Now, would you want Kanye any other way? We certainly wouldn’t. You can watch his declaration below [top video], along with several highlights of the show. Oh, and you know that new solo album‘s meant to be on the way, right?



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