Gauzy electronica artist Nathan Fake commands a lot of affection, and we’re expecting a warm reception for his forthcoming Steam Days LP.

More details have now emerged about the Norfolk producer’s new record. Border Community have unveiled a tracklist for the album, and it’s Fake to the bone: lights, national phenomena and a song called ‘Sadvember’ (!) all feature. The title track from August’s very palatable Iceni Strings EP also makes the cut.

Fake revealed that the album was primarily put together from single live takes, and uses a range of analogue materials. The album is purportedly a tribute to his childhood in Necton.

Fake’s Bloc set might have bitten the dust, but he’s currently finishing off a global jaunt in preparation for the record. The remaining dates on his tour are also available below:

Steam Days is due on July 11 [via Playground]

01. Paean
02. Cascade Airways
03. Iceni Strings
04. Old Light
05. Harnser
06. World of Spectrum
07. Rue
08. Sadvember
09. Nekatona
10. Glow Hole
11. Warble Epics

7th July: Pitch Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
20th July: Away Game Festival, Eigg, Scotland
5th August: Woodstock 69, Amsterdam, Netherlands
30th August: CAMP, London, UK for Eat Your Own Ears – ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY
11th August: Creamfields Andalusia, Jerez, Spain
1st September: Strandclub Naturel, The Hague, Netherlands
8th September: Dimension Festival, Pula, Croatia
5th October: Mutek, Mexico City, Mexico



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