The first taste of Jacques Greene’s next EP is out, and it’s literally a change of pace.

For the past two years, Greene’s ‘Another Girl’ and ‘(Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want’ defined the R&B infused sounds of bass music. With that in mind, some might not be expecting ‘Ready,’ a four-on-the-floor house stomper that barely resembles his earlier work.

But by shifting the focus from sexy R&B vocal samples (a bit of which is buried in the mix here) to garage-tinged house beats, Jacques Greene is moving the conversation forward, rather than returning to territory he’s already mastered.

First premiering in Martyn’s Essential Mix back in March, ‘Ready’ is the title track of Greene’s EP for Martyn’s 3024 label, to be released on July 16. You can stream the song over at NPR.



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