Brainfeeder’s pet maniac The Gaslamp Killer is a seriously class act.

2008’s I Spit On Your Grave was one of the best mix CDs of the last few years, a freewheeling session splicing doomy psych-rock with slanted L.A. beat music. He dazzled with his production work on Gonjasufi’s 2010 instant classic A Sufi And A Killer, and last bothered us with 2010’s diverse Death’s Gate EP. GLK is currently prepping his first full album, Breakthrough, for Brainfeeder. Pitchfork point towards a new cut from the record, featuring contributions from composer and frequent Flying Lotus collaborator Miguel Atwood-Ferguson.

Despite the leading title, ‘Flange Face’ is a fairly genteel affair by GLK’s standards. Yes, the whole thing is wreathed in squalls of guitar feedback, but ‘Flange Face’ is actually a good sight slicker than much of GLK’s earlier work: the regimented percussion track and buzzsaw bassline anchor the piece, and the track brings Death’s Gate‘s perky ‘Fun Over 100’ to mind. Atwood-Ferguson’s exotic string arrangements add a touch of melodrama to proceedings. There are residual traces of scuzz, but, on ‘Flange Face’ at least, it sounds like GLK’s cleaned up his act.

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