Having just celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first ever gig, rambunctious old-timers The Rolling Stones have been getting their jam on.

Whispers that the band would hit the road again for an anniversary tour have been percolating for a little while. It looks like there might be some truth in them: according to BBC News, the Stones have been privately convening with a view to performing publicly.

Keith Richards claims that the group have had “a couple of rehearsals”, and said future live dates were “definitely happening”. Richards, however, suggested that concrete plans have yet to be laid, claiming he “can’t say” when the band will actually take the stage.

The Rolling Stone played their first gig at London’s Marquee Club on July 12, 1962. Humble beginnings compared to their 2005-2007 A Bigger Bang jaunt, which took in 32 countries and racked up £360m in revenue. The band have not toured since.



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