Digital Mystikz' Coki readies new EP for DMZ

Mala may have been in Cuba, but Coki’s been in the lab.

The rowdier half of Digital Mystikz has a new four-track EP, Don’t Get it Twisted Vol. 2, due out on DMZ – the label Digital Mystikz founded with Loefah, and for many, dubstep’s greatest ever imprint. You’ve got to wonder what goes through Coki’s head: ever since his game-changing ‘Spongebob’, it’s like he’s been on an almost auteur-ish quest to explore every corner of that twisted, gooey wobble sound that nobody does quite like him. We like to imagine it’s like a constant voice in his head that he just can’t hide from. It can’t be fun at this point, can it?

Don’t Get It Twisted Vol. 2 will be released at the end of August. You can stream two tracks from it below.

1. Mid June Madness
2. Light Years
3. On Board
4. Drop N Run



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