One-time RBMA graduate Om Unit continues to go from strength to strength.

Om Unit, alongside the likes of Blue Daisy and Kutmah, reps the Tempo Clash crew. With his Aeolian EP imminent on Civil Music, he’s got a new video dong the rounds. The clip in question is for ‘Dark Sunrise’, which features singer Tamara Blessa.

The track’s a bit of stonker, actually – the sort of dance-pop crossover that nails the infectiousness of the latter with sacrificing the freakier tendencies of the former. Om Unit’s battering ram kick drum anchors the track, and there’s some wonderful dub-chamber bass in play. Visuals wise, it’s your usual welcome-to-London fare: some tastefully shot images of Battersea Power Station, fusty pubs, and what we think is the skatepark on Stockwell Road.

Aeolian is due on July 30.



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