As reported, zonked beatmaker Blue Daisy is teaming up with the triangle-tastic ∇nknown ShΔpes for a new EP.

‘Beautiful Nightmare’, the first track from the records to do the rounds, is one of the most cocoon-like things we’ve heard all year. Individual instruments, swaddled in reverb and EQ’d beyond recognition, smudge into one indistinct wash of sound. The kick and bass are barely indistinguishable, and only some hard-edged snares cut through the fug. The effect, rather than being lamentably woolly, is extremely evocative – the results are moving as well as moody. ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ is an impressive, impressionistic exercise in displacement. Or, as Black Acre have it, a “hyper-reality fractalized acid trip to inner space”. Steady, chaps.

Bedtime Stories is due on August 6. The EP will arrive on orange vinyl, and will be limited to 300 copies. The tracklisting is below.

A1 Insomniac Love
A2 Bedtime Stories
A3 All Night Long
B1 Wet Dreams
B2 Beautiful Nightmare
B3 Pillow Talk



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