It may have been a long time since a Villalobos full-length proper, but the mercurial techno producer hasn’t exactly been quiet.

On paper, Villalobos’ last set of all-new solo material was 2004’s Thé Au Harem D’Archimède. Then again, the intervening years have seen albums masquerading as singles and EPs (2006’s peerless Fizheuer Zieheuer; 2008’s Vasco), odds’n’sods collections (2006’s Salvador), and mixtapes stuffed with exclusive material (2007’s Fabric 36, still the high watermark in the mix series). In the last twelve months, he’s also worked with Max Loderbauer on Re:ECM and a remake of Conrad Schnitzler’s Zug, and there’s also been the occasional great remix (cf his recent refix of Hauschka).

Still, a new Villalobos LP is a big deal, and there’s now one on the way. Dependent And Happy will feature 14 unreleased tracks, spread over a 5×12″ vinyl set. A CD edition will also arrive, albeit with a slightly truncated and jumbled tracklist. As with Thé Au Harem D’Archimède, the album will arrive courtesy of longtime associates Perlon. A release date has yet to be announced. [via Resident Advisor]

1. Tu Actitud
2. Timemorf
3. Grumax
4. I’m Counting
5. Das Leben Ist So Anders Ohne Dich
6. Mochnochich
7. Zuipox
8. Kehaus
9. Die Schwarze Massai
10. Put Your Lips
11. Samma
12. Ferenc
13. Defixia
14. Koito

1. Mochnochich
2. Timemorf
3. Grumax
4. Ferenc
5. I’m Counting
6. Put Your Lips
7. Samma
8. Tu Actitud
9. Zuipox
10. Koito
11. Die Schwarze Mass



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