Purity Ring make music for swooning in the gloom.

The Canadian electro-poppers are signed to 4AD, and their super-melodic, melodramatic schtick fits in fairly snugly into the label’s roster (well, SpaceGhostPurrp aside). For the uninitiated, the band’s ‘Fineshrine’ clip, which played like a cross between The Man Without A Past and Stargate, was a suitably noirish primer.

New album Shrines is due on July 24, and is now available to stream in its entirety over at NPR. Some may find the results too saccharine, but Shrines does boast its fair share of bewitching moments. Click here to stream.

1. Crawlersout
2. Fineshrine
3. Ungirthed
4. Amenamy
5. Grandloves
6. Cartographist
7. Belispeak
8. Saltkin
9. Obedear
10. Lofticries
11. Shuc



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