Kuedo, Jacques Greene and more contribute to free Ango mixtape

Update: you can now download Serpentine here.

Montreal-based singer and producer Ango, who you may know from his recent Another City EP on LuckyMe or collaborations with Jacques Greene, has a new album coming out.

Titled Serpentine, the album will be given away for free on July 17, and features production from Jacques Greene, Kuedo, Prison Garde, Eames, Numan and Mike Din as well as Ango himself. According to Ango, via XLR8R, Ango will be releasing the album as a free download due to the “artistic freedom” it gives him – such as sampling Mogwai’s ‘Auto Rock’ in one track, as featured on the teaser video below.


1. The Lie
2. Aquaphobia
3. Make it Count
4. Really Really
5. True Blue (Prod. by Jacques Greene)
6. Paralyzed (Prod. by Prison Garde & Eames)
7. Out Of Your System (Prod. by Kuedo)
8. Anchor (Prod. by Numan)
9. Losing You (Prod. by Mike Din)
10. Woman, Get Out Of My Life



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