After a lengthy absence, post-punk veteran Malka Spigel is returning to the fray.

Spigel was a founder member of Israeli post-punk unit Minimal Compact, founded and based in Amsterdam throughout much of the 1980s. The trio released a glut of well-regarded and relatively slept-on LPs, including 1985’s Raging Souls and 1987’s The Figure One Cuts; jangly textures and sombre atmospherics are the order of the day. In the intervening years, she’s released three solo records of texturally rich indie-rock on Swim ~. Her last record was 1997’s My Pet Fish, although she’s appeared on wax since as part of Githead, alongside Scanner and Wire’s Colin Newman (her husband, incidentally).

Spigel is now set to add to her discography with her first solo LP in 15 years. Every Day Is Like The First Day will arrive in September, and will feature 13 unheard tracks. Spigel’s recruited some impressive collaborators for the record. Newman and Johnny Marr both feature, as do Andy Ramsay of Stereolab and Ronald Lippok of electronica trio To Rococo Rot. Younger talents include Nik Colk Void of Factory Floor and LoneLady.

Immediacy seems to be a crucial part of the sessions, with Spigel claiming that “it’s about not thinking or planning or having a concept – not even deciding not to think. You do it before your brain gets involved. It’s quick. It’s instinctive.” ‘See It Sideways’, a snarling advance track from the record, is available to stream below.

Every Day Is Like The First Day will arrive on Swim ~ on September 3.

Every Day Is Like The First Day
Lost in Sound
See It Sideways
European Weather
Dream Time
Finding You
No More Running
Chasing Shadows
Back In The Old City
Two Dimensions
In A Single Frame
After The Rain



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