The-Drum return with another EP of hypnotic, drugged-out R&B.

The Chicago duo of Jeremiah Chrome and Brandon Boom start with the music of their namesake producer The-Dream, filter it through a variety of electronic influences, and distill it into a swirling, sultry mass of dark impulses.

Sense Net includes some of The-Drum’s tightest productions yet, from the operatic ‘/BZE’ to the smoky paranoia of ‘BLD.’ The previously released ‘/SYS’ remains the most seductive tune on the EP; Chicago contemporaries Supreme Cuts offer a frenetic footwork remix to the track. ‘/GON’ is the duo at their most accessible, with somber vocals and a robust bassline. Also included is a skittering and sparse remix of ‘/BZE’ by Neuman.

Stream and download Sense Net below, courtesy Mishka.



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