Tiesto, Lana Del Rey and Rihanna have been announced as the faces of fashion lines from Guess, H&M and River Island respectively.

Of her decision to design a capsule range for River Island, Rihanna claimed – somewhat implausibly – that she was attracted to the “British, family-run” ethic/aesthetic of the UK high street stalwart.

“I’ve been wanting to design my own collection for some time,” she said. “River Island is the perfect partner for me to collaborate with and working with a British, family-run business also really appealed to me. I find London really inspiring and River Island loves to have fun with clothes. I’m looking forward to working with them and creating something really special”.

Lana Del Rey will be the face of H&M’s Autumn/Winter campaign with a series of photo shoots, and has also recorded a cover of ‘Blue Velvet’ for a short promo film due out in September. According to H&M, Del Rey represents what their clothes are all about, namely “modern and feminine woman with a soft attitude.”

“The mood [of the line] is very LA noir,” adds H&M creative director Donald Schneider.

Lastly, your favourite DJ, Tiesto (pictured), has teamed up with Guess to deliver a co-branded, limited edition collection. To promote this, he’ll be doing a tour of Guess-sponsored performances in Ibiza, Paris, Las Vegas, Dubai and Sydney.

“I’ve had Guess clothing in my wardrobe for years,” he told Billboard. “It’s a fantastic brand which is really relevant both for me and my audience. Their combination of creativity and ambition was really appealing to me.”




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