When the history of late 20th century alt.rock is written, Nebraskan post-punkers For Against will likely end up in the footnote ghetto, but their influence shouldn’t be underestimated.

Forming in Lincoln in 1984, the trio released a series of well-regarded LPs of dour, windswept indie. With Jeffrey Runnings’ epicene vocals and a Hannett-friendly production aesthetic, the band helped blaze the trail along which scores of shoegazers and dreampoppers that subsequently march. After some line-up changes in the Nineties, the band disbanded for a couple of years, and have had their noses back on the grindstone since 2002, their last release being 2009’s twinkly (and roundly ignored) Never Been.

Captured Tracks are now set to release a special deluxe edition box set, featuring vinyl versions of the band’s first three albums. 1987’s Echelons, 1988’s December, and 1993’s Aperture, none of which have appeared on vinyl for over two decades, are all primed to appear. Each disc has been specially remastered by Marc Ostermeier of Nineties shoegaze outfit Should. The set will come bundled with a fancy booklet and “ephemera” from the period, whatever that means.

The reissues will arrive on September 25, courtesy of Captured Tracks. Listen to ‘Echelons’, from the album of the same name, below.

Echelons (1987)
1. Shine
2. Daylight
3. Get on With It
4. Echelons
5. It’s a Lie
6. Autocrat
7. Forget Who You Are
8. Loud and Clear
9. Broke My Back

December (1988)
1. Sabres
2. Stranded in Greenland
3. Svengali
4. They Said
5. The Effect
6. December
7. The Last Laugh
8. Paperwhites
9. Clandestine High Holy

In The Marshes (1990)
1. Tibet
2. Amnesia
3. The Purgatory Salesman
4. Amen Yves
5. Fate
6. In The Marshes
7. Amnesia (studio version)
8. Amen Yves (original version)



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