In keeping with practically every film he’s ever made, David Lynch’s Crazy Clown Time proved divisive.

Depending on where you looked, 2011’s Crazy Clown Time was either a beguiling insight into Lynch’s distinctive worldview or a ponderous side-gig from a man who should be making flicks rather that full-lengths (this writer tilted towards the former, incidentally). In the intervening months, Lynch has remixed Zola Jesus and old mucker Moby. A new expanded digital edition of Crazy Clown Time has just been announced, and it’s set to feature a bunch of interesting names returning the favour.

Crazy Clown Time v2.0 will collect a host of old, rare and unheard Lynch remixes. Skream’s ‘Not So Ravey’ take on ‘I Know’ makes the cut, as does Moby’s take on ‘Noah’s Ark’, Underworld’s version of ‘Good Day Today’ and Sasha’s spin on ‘I Know’. Brand new remixes of ‘Pinky’s Dream’ arrive courtesy of Trentemøller and Visionquest. Two new Lynch tracks, ‘Sparkle Lounge Blues’ and ‘I Have A Radio’, will also feature.

Those Trentemøller and Visionquest mixes will also be issued separately as a 12″ single and digital EP. The digital edition will also come packaged with a new remix from Tythe. The newly expanded Crazy Clown Time is due on August 6 on Sunday Best. Digital copies of the Pinky’s Dream Remix EP will arrive on the same day, with the vinyl edition arriving on August 20.

Sacred Bones are also due to reissue Lynch’s classic soundtrack to 1977’s wonderful Eraserhead. You can stream Skream’s remix below.

1. Pinky’s Dream feat. Karen O
2. Good Day Today
3. So Glad
4. Noah’s Ark
5. Football Game
6. I Know
7. Strange and Unproductive Thinking
8. The Night Bell With Lightning
9. Stone’s Gone Up
10. Crazy Clown Time
11. These Are My Friends
12. Speed Roadster
13. Movin’ On
14. She Rise Up
15. Sparkle Lounge Blues
16. I Have A Radio
17. I Know (Skream’s Not So Ravey Remix)
18  Good Day Today (Underworld Classic Remix)
19. I Know (Sasha remix)
20. Noah’s Ark (Moby Remix)
21. Pinky’s Dream (Visionquest Velvet Curtain Remix)
22. Pinky’s Dream (Trentemøller Remix)
23. I Have A Radio (VIDEO)
24. Crazy Clown Time (VIDEO)



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