In the wake of trap-indebeted lead track ‘The Sound’, Estonian artiste Maria Minerva has issued some choice details about her latest album.

After a couple of releases on 100% Silk, most notably last year’s Sacred And Profane Love EP, Minerva has made a lateral step back onto Not Not Fun (responsible, of course, for her magisterial Cabaret Cixous LP). Will Happiness Find Me? will feature eleven new tracks of arch avant-pop. Both of the above albums are referenced in the press bumpf for the album, which promises a fusion of  “the dancier leanings of last November’s Sacred & Profane Love EP for 100% Silk and the avant-garde ground covered by the Cabaret Cixous double LP”. [via Juno Plus]

Will Happiness Find Me? is due on Not Not Fun on September 4. The cover art (oddly plush for a NNF release, we think) and tracklisting are below.

1. The Sound
2. Heart Like A Microphone
3. I Don’t Wanna Be Discovered (Will Happiness Fine Me?)
4. Alone In Amsterdam
5. Sweet Synergy
6. Fire (feat. Chase Royal)
7. Coming Of Age
8. Perpetual Motion Machine
9. Never Give Up
10. Mad Girl’s Love Song
11. The Star



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