Stefan Goldmann, one of the more pensive figures in contemporary techno, has a new LP on the way.

Goldmann’s built up an impressive discography, turning out Minimal Techno for the likes of Perlon and Ovum. As well as penning the occasional leftfield hit (cf 2007’s sepulchral ‘Lunatic Fringe’, still sounding incredible to this day), Goldmann’s worked on a stack of obtuse and high-concept projects: 2008’s Voices Of The Dead was a chin-stroking commission for France’s National Library, and his infamous collage edit of Le Sacre De Printemps, assembled from dozens of different recordings of the work, saw him engaging with the classical firmament. He’s continued to be an industrious operator in recent years, churning out singles for Schoolmap and Victoriaville, not to mention a glut of tape releases on the Tapeworm imprint.

Goldmann’s quasi-academic spirit of inquiry is alive and well on 17:50, his newly announced fifth LP. The record reportedly focuses on non-Western pitch systems, with Goldmann bending or pitch-shifting every single note. The album was put together using exclusively analogue equipment.  17:50 will arrive on his own highly respectable Macro imprint (profiled on Goldmann’s 2011 compilation Macrospective). ‘Rigid Chain’ and ‘Adem’ previously featured on Goldmann’s Adem EP; the remaining tracks will be seeing release for the first time. [via Resident Advisor]

1. 17:50
2. Carrion Crow
3. Rigid Chain
4. The Outness Queens
5. Manila Grind
6. Adem
7. Dead Cat Bounce
8. Empty Suit
9. Kampong Pressure



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