Flying Lotus talks new album with Mary Anne Hobbs

October 2 sees the release of Until the Quiet Comes, a new album by West Coast producer Flying Lotus.

Lotus took a call from Mary Anne Hobbs on Music:Response, the podcast that the veteran radio DJ presents for XFM, to talk about the influence that lucid dreams had on the album, his sense of humour, piano playing and more. He also explains that the album’s title is inspired by his aunt, jazz legend Alice Coltrane, and that although he’s moved house since the release of his last album, Cosmogramma, the process is still him “rolling out of bed” and working on tunes. And for the gear spotters, there’s mention of some “new toys” in his studio.

You can stream audio of the interview through iTunes. For full details of Until the Quiet, which features Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Erykah Badu and more, click here.



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