Dusk and Blackdown prep new album Dasaflex

This September will see the release of Dusk & Blackdown’s second album.

Titled – ahem – Dasaflex, it marks the follow-up to 2008’s excellent Margins Music, and like that record, will be released on the duo’s own Keysound label. According to the record’s press release, Margins Music was designed to be a one-off, but as Blackdown (real name Martin Clark, a former writer for Pitchfork and sometime scribe for FACT) started to shy away from journalism, it made sense to work on a new full-length.

Dusk and Blackdown’s productions in the time since Margins Music have gone from strength to strength: album track ‘Wicked Vibez’ has been dominating the sets of UK house titan Marcus Nasty for a few months, and although the title track from the pair’s recent High Road EP has stolen the headlines (mostly due to a certain assumed guest appearance), it’s B-side ‘Ex-Swing’ that’s had FACT really salivating.

Dasaflex will drop on September 17; Dusk & Blackdown’s 2011 FACT mix can be streamed here.


1. Lonely Moon (Android Heartbreak) ft Farrah
2. High Road
3. We Ain’t Beggin’
4. Apoptosis
5. Wicked Vibez ft GQ
6. Dasaflex
7. Next Generation ft Shantie
8. R in Zero G
9. Hypergrime
10. Don’t Stop (Give It To Me)
11. DeFocused
12. Fraction



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