Stream a new single from Percussions, on Four Tet's Text label

We first met Percussions when the act was featured on Four Tet’s FabricLive CD.

Now, we’re meeting them/him/her again – and again, it’s through Four Tet, as the British electronic mainstay will be releasing a Percussions single pairing ‘Bird Songs’ and ‘Rabbit Songs’ on his Text label.

You can instantly see why the tracks would appeal to Four Tet: there’s an earthy quality to them, using a combination of organic sounds (not just the bird song samples, either) and electronic tricks – samples that have been clipped to the point of sounding unique, but not glitchy and inhuman – in a techno format. In fact, if you told us that Percussions was Four Tet, we wouldn’t be surprised (Discogs certainly thinks so), but we guess that’s something to be figured out in the future.

‘Bird Songs’ / ‘Rabbit Songs’ is available to pre-order this week.



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