Snoop touts cigars, Ghostface hawks beer, and now, it appears, Timbaland has his own wares to shift.

The hip-hop innovator and brawny man has ventured into the deluxe liquer business, of all things. AllHipHop report that the producer/rapper is launching a new sparkling liquor called LeSUTRA. The elite tipple will feature four different flavours – blueberry, strawberry, grape and peach – and promises, rather grandly, to “revolutionise the liquer industry”.

In Timabland’s words, “Everything that I create is groundbreaking and LeSUTRA is no different. With its innovative ingredients and design, I’m confident that we’ll gain a loyal and eclectic consumer base. My infectious style has helped produce career-defining hits for artists worldwide, and now I’m guaranteeing another hit with LeSUTRA. “

Timbaland has set up the company with Tom Bruno of Grey Goose Vodka and spirit distributor Ryan Rosenberg, amongst others. The results, avowedly inspired by the Kama Sutra, look more like organic handwashes to us, but there’s no accounting for taste.



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