Gavin Turk and Hussein Chalayan have collaborated on an exclusive vinyl edition for Britain Creates 2012.

Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion, part of the London 2012 Festival, is led by the British Fashion Council/Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation and in partnership with the Mayor of London. The project sees several iconic British designers pairing with top contemporary artists; one such pairing is that of Hussein Chalayan & Gavin Turk.

The vinyl edition is rooted in dialogue. When Chalayan and Turk first met, the former interviewed the latter about such ideas as the identity of the Artist, authorship, and authenticity. When editing the transcript of this conversation, it occurred to Chayalan that it might give birth to the lyrics of a song. Following this notion to its natural conclusion, Turk and Chaylan created a piece of music entitled ‘Four Minute Mile’, which The Vinyl Factory are giving a limited edition release.

“I simply felt like we were two creatives collaborating and it was good to do a project in a medium outside our own spheres,” Chalayan tells Dazed. “After speaking to Gavin, his words in my view were gagging to be a song. It also felt exciting to monumentalise his words as a sound piece.”

You can preview the music in the video above. The ‘Four Minute Mile’ vinyl edition will have a limited run of 100 copies priced at £100 each, hand-signed by both artists, available to buy exclusively from and The Vinyl Factory gallery at 91 Walton Street, Chelsea, London. The original copper master, along with the other specially created exclusive pieces, will be unveiled on June 27 at a VIP Gala fundraising event before going on display at V&A. Money raised from the gala will form part of a bursary to encourage and support emerging artists and designers and to help encourage future collaborations.

All pieces will be exhibited to the public throughout the London 2012 Festival – at the V&A, July 6-29. This will be followed by an installation as part of  Selfridges’ ‘Wonder Windows’ programme during July and August.



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