Trying to classify New York producer Arca is a fool’s errand.

Arca, who has contributed with fellow New York experimenters Mykki Blanco and $hayne (of Hood By Air and GHE20 G0TH1C “fame”), shares an MO with contemporary Physical Therapy: churning pop touchstones into newly expressive forms. ‘Self Defense’ is a claustrophobic twist on hip hop: beats collide with uneasy syncopation and rapid-fire lyrics are incomprehensible beneath metallic processing.

Arca’s debut for UNO NYC, Stretch 2, is out August 6. A stream of ‘Self Defense,’ the EP’s tracklist, and the terrifyingly warped video for ‘Ass Swung Low’ are all below.

Stretch 2:
1. Self Defense
2. Fortune
3. Maiden Voyage
4. 2 Blunted
5. Tapped In
6. Strung
7. Brokeup
8. Meditation
9. Manners



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