Untold’s tripartite investigation into the rougher fringes of contemporary dance music is coming to a close.

The Change In A Dynamic Environment series has seen the producer beef up his sound with a series of precise, effective releases. Part One was notable for the eerie ‘Motion The Dance’, and Part Two took things up to eleven with the belligerent ‘Caslon’, definitely one of the most brutal things Untold’s pegged his name to.

Juno Plus report that the final instalment is now imminent. Part Three promises to be the most idiosyncratic of the series, wearing a heavy debt to classic post-punk on its sleeve (the press release pitches the record as like “Untold jamming with Gang Of Four after a night at Rage”). ‘Kane’ promisees a “nagging post-punk bassline”, whereas ‘Overdrive’ promises some straight-up “punk attitude”.

The EP will arrive on August 13 on Untold’s own Hemlock Recordings. You can stream Part One highlight ‘Motion The Dance’ below.

A. Kane
B. Overdrive



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