These days, many music videos evoke the feeling of the 90s, but none have recreated the experience as well as Antwon’s ‘Living Every Dream.’

On ‘Living Every Dream,’ the Bay Area’s Antwon spits drugged-out party rap over a Suzanne Vega-sampling beat by Pictureplane. The song has that West Coast effervescence that has been missing from hip-hop for so long.

With that in mind, video director Brandon Tauszik crafts a totally immersive experience with a clip that appears to be ripped from a VHS collection of Yo! MTV Raps and The Grind episodes. It’s a shame more hip-hop videos don’t go for the Paula Abdul-style, eight dancer choreography.

‘Living Every Dream’ will appear on Antwon’s End of Earth mixtape, out August 2.



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