Ultra-prolific noise musician Merzbow is to have one of his landmark box sets reissued.

Merzbient, originally released by Soleilman in 2010, collects recordings from the late 1980s and early 1990s, many of which incorporate live instrumentation alongside the usual digital trickery. Having been sat on for two decades, the recordings only got their public premiere on the Merzbient set. The CD bundel was a triumph of creative packaging: the package came with an 84gm die-cast metal medallion marked with the words ‘Animal Liberation’ in Kanji, and, in a move ostensibly cribbed from the Mr. Men series, the slipcases for the 12 discs created a giant collage image when pushed together.

Soleilmoon are now set to reissue the package on vinyl, and it’s a similarly a lavish affair. The new LP version will arrive in two bespoke boxes, each holding nine discs apiece. Three inserts on textured paper will also be included, and each disc will get its own full-colour sleeve. The first 44 copies will also be printed on lush dark-red vinyl. Three of the LPs, it should be noted,  will feature previously unreleased material.

Sizeable as Merzbient is, it’s not a patch on Extreme Records’ 2000 50xCD Merzbox package, which gathered 51 hours worth of noise recordings into one natty little S&M black rubber box. The comparatively puny Merzbient is due on September 10.



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