Slip, the seminal debut LP from rollicking NY alt.metal band Quicksand, is getting a vinyl reissue.

Assembled in the early Nineties from the diaspora of Youth Of Today, Bold and Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand had a significant if underreported role in the development of post-hardcore; we’d say they were quietly influential, if ‘quietly’ didn’t sit uneasily with their wall-of-sound guitar assault. Their 1993 debut – the first of only two full-lengths – married some serious sonic heft with an impressive melodic sensibility.

Dine Alone Records and Shop Radio Cast are repressing the album in its twelve-track glory, and will also append the band’s cover of The Smiths’ ‘How Soon Is Now?’. The rebooted Slip will feature unseen photos of the band, and arrive on 180g vinyl. Dine Alone will print 500 black vinyl copies, whereas Shop Radio Cast will release 500 copies on red and black vinyl, and 500 on green and yellow vinyl. A release date is yet to be set, but the reisssue is expected to drop in the next few months [via Exclaim]

Click below to enjoy Slip highlight ‘Fazer’.

1. Fazer
2. Head to Wall
3. Dine Alone
4. Slip
5. Freezing Process
6. Lie and Wait
7. Unfulfilled
8. Can Opener
9. Omission
10. Baphomet
11. Too Official
12. Transparent
13. How Soon Is Now?




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