Dominick Fernow, aka Prurient, has shot to wider recognition in the past year or so.

Last year’s Bermuda Drain LP topped critics’ charts left right and centre, and his new post-9/11 dread-suffused Vatican Shadow project has garnered attention from unexpected quarters. But Fernow has, of course, been around for more than a decade, releasing uncompromising noise as Prurient on his own Hospital Productions imprint. Many of these releases however, put out on limited edition cassette, have been largely inaccessible to recent converts, languishing in the collections of avid Hospital devotees.

Fernow has now seen fit to rectify the situation by making a vast swathe of his back catalogue available in digital form. A dozen or so releases, dating from 2001’s Mummification and Prayer through to 2009, and collecting a handful of releases previously put out through other labels including Gods of Tundra and Blossoming Noise as well as collaborations with FFH and Aaron Dilloway, have been made available over the past month. They may be lacking the bespoke design of the original releases (Starvation reportedly came complete with a “worn religious medal”), but they’re nonetheless an essential primer Fernow’s rich, and dense, catalogue.

You can check out the full list of releases below – we recommend you pick them up from Boomkat post haste.


Mummification and Prayer (2001)

We Set Off In High Spirits (2003)

Sexual Magic (2004)

Starvation (2004)

African Division (2005)

Disappearance Of The Maya (collaboration with Aaron Dilloway) (2005)

Rubber Bullets (2005)

Self Rape (2005)

Shrimp Crescent (2005)

Trapdoor (2005)

Stone Vagina (2006)

Answer To God (2007)

Adam Tied To Stone (2007)

Lily Of The Valley / Return Of Happiness (2007)

The Golden Chamber (2007)

Central Park Jogger (collaboration with FFH) (2009)



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