Even if R. Stevie Moore’s name rang few bells a year ago, you’ll likely have encountered his work by now.

After hundreds and hundreds of low key album releases over four decades, the screwball home recording auteur has finally seen his status upgraded from footnote to touchstone. Ariel Pink has been an extremely voluble cheerleader, anthologising Moore’s work on the Ariel Pink’s Picks Vol. 1 collection and working with the man on this year’s sprawling Ku Klux Glam set.

The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess, the latest acolyte to fall on bended knee, has compiled a rough primer to Moore’s work, titled Lo Fi Hi Fives: A Kind Of Best Of. You’ve already heard the twinkling ‘Pop Music’, and the collection is now available to stream in full. The set spans the decades, but leaves the scatological skits and madcap experiments to one side in favour of Moore’s more melodic material.

Lo Fi Hi Fives: A Kind Of Best Of is due on August 6 on O Genesis Records.



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