Just weeks after being acquired by Buzzmedia, Spin announces layoffs and cancels its November/December issue.

According to The New York Times, changes at Spin‘s magazine are happening earlier than expected. On Friday, Spin fired 11 employees (representing a third of the staff), including Steve Kandell, the editor in chief of the print magazine, and Catherine Davis, its managing editor. Twenty-five staff members remain, including Charles Aaron, its editorial director, and Caryn Ganz, the online editor in chief. However, Buzzmedia promises that “in the coming year, we will build upon this core staff by doubling the editorial team.”

While Spin‘s September/October issue will be out in late August as scheduled, the November/December issue will not be. A corporate-sounding statement from Buzzmedia says that “Buzzmedia and Spin are committed to moving forward with print, but we are still determining exactly how print fits in with Spin’s multiple distribution points and growth initiatives.”

Along with Spin, Buzzmedia owns Stereogum, Hype Machine, and XLR8R, selling advertising across the entire platform. The fate of the print magazine has been in question since the deal was completed. It remains to be seen how it fits in the increasingly-digital media space.



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