Watch the video for Kindness's 'That's Alright'

Kindness clearly has a knack for good videos.

Even if his debut album World, You Need a Change of Mind didn’t quite do it for FACT’s reviewer, it takes a cold heart to deny the simple brilliance of his video for ‘Gee Up’. Today, we’re treated to a new video, for ‘That’s Alright’ – a track based almost entirely on samples from go-go group Trouble Funk’s ‘Still Smokin’. As Kindness explains in the video’s press release,  “Go-go has been on my radar since Rich Harrison [producer of Amerie’s ‘One Thing’ and more] first started putting out incredible songs with a go-go influence. As a DC area native, Harrison knew well the urgency and vitality of go-go, and its unswervable effect on an audience.”

“In clearing a sample for use in a song, you have to send a copy to the original writers for approval and publishing clearance. So I knew that Trouble Funk ought to have heard the song already. For that reason I thought we might try and take things a step further. Would the band perhaps be interested in performing the new version of their song for the video? And could they find me something to do?”

You can discover the answer to that question below.



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