The co-founder and creative director of London Pleasure Gardens, the venue that played host to the catastrophic Bloc festival last month, has resigned, Event reports.

In an official statement, Deborah Armstrong – who was instrumental in winning the competition to design and build the venue, located on derelict dockland – said: “It is with the deepest of regrets that I announce my resignation from London’s Pleasure Gardens. I am enormously proud of the huge transformation that my team and I have achieved so far.”

However, writing on her blog on Monday, Armstrong expressed doubts about the direction the venue had taken, stating that, “I don’t feel now like [the venue is] following the vision that we set out to do […] Hopefully the road will swing toward it again at some point.”

The resignation is an interesting footnote to the Bloc debacle, in the aftermath of which fingers have been pointed at the venue and its directors as potentially culpable for the severe overcrowding and logistical issues faced on the day.

In reality, there’s been no conclusive evidence pointing to any one culprit for the affair. But given that the capacity for Last Mile Festival and Africa Stage at BT River of Music – both events taking place at LPG – has been reduced in recent weeks, and today Secretsundaze announced that they would be moving their Go Bang! mini-festival elsewhere, it seems clear that the venue’s remaining directors still have some major issues to resolve.



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