Canadian minimal house figurehead Mathew Jonson has announced the relaunch of Itiswhatitis, the label responsible for putting out many of his most influential records.

Itiswhatitis operated between 2001 and 2007, and was responsible for bringing a number of Canadian producers to the attention of the wider world, including Jonson and his brother Nathan, aka Hrdvision. Speaking to Resident Advisor, Jonson explained that he has bought the rights to the label from founder Spencer Drennan, and will embark on a series of remastered digital reissues of classic releases – largely from himself and the live-improvising techno trio of which he is member, Cobblestone Jazz.

Whilst Jonson apparently intends to keep IIWII “in its classic state”, he will also be putting out new music through the label – starting with a single, ‘Panna Cotta’ / ‘Passage to the Other Side’, apparently written around the same time as 2003‘s hugely influential ‘Typerope’.

Jonson warns that “Relaunching itiswhatitis is gonna be something fun for me, no stress, so it will be a slow process”. ‘Panna Cotta’ / ‘Passage to the Other Side’ is due for release on September 3; after which the reissues will begin in earnest with IIWII001, Jonson’s ‘New Identity’, which you can listen to below.



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