The Juan Atkins ally preps a sequel to his 2000 debut From the Far Future.

Terrence Dixon has quietly built a career by crafting minimal futurism in the birthplace of techno. Now, 12 years after his debut, he’s set to release From the Far Future Vol. 2; available on both vinyl and CD via Tresor, the track listings (below) differ greatly.

Dixon promises “real life drama playing out before your ears.” He set his aim high on the album: “I wanted to make this album as huge as it could be. This is a statement album. A variety of tracks from a minimal point of view.” [via Resident Advisor]

CD Version
01. Self Centered
02. Dark City Of Hope (Main Mix)
03. Fountain Of Life
04. My Journey Here
05. Path To Mystery
06. The Switch
07. Horizon
08. Vision Blurry
09. The Auto Factory
10. Lead By Example
11. Navigate
12. Tone
13. Blinking & Flashing
14. The Study

LP Version
01. Light of Day
02. Sleight of Mind
03. Horizon
04. 11th Floor
05. Band Together
06. The Study
07. Dark City of Hope (Hard Mix)
08. Fountain of Life
09. Intermission (Digital Bonus)
10. State of the City (Digital Bonus)
11. Life Events (Digital Bonus)



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