Swedish trio Blänk return this month with a new EP, Áurinko Rising Again, due out on the band’s own Grind Records on August 27.

To promote the release, they’ve assembled a mixtape which tabulates the breadth of their tastes.

Do The Blänk, which you can download below, features firm favourites from Grimes and The Weeknd as well as a bootleg of a Steffi track, a Dubbel Dutch remix and plenty of Blänk originals; full tracklist below.

1. Blänk – ‘Do this thing (Dubbel Dutch remix)’
2. Blänk ‘Do this thing’
3. Crim3s – ‘Holes (Young Ivy freestyle)’
4. Future ft. Diddy & Ludacris – ‘Same dame time (Nacey remix)’5. Blänk – ‘Used to be so colourful’
6. Terius Nash – ‘Wake me when it´s over’
7. Monika Zetterlund – ‘Sakta går hem genom stan’
8. Blänk – ‘Shirt off’
9. Steffi – ‘Yours (Blänk remix bootleg)’
10. Grimes – ‘Genesis’
11. The Weeknd – ‘Montreal’
12. Blänk – ‘Välkommen till heartbreak’



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