Watch live footage of two new xx songs, 'Sunset' and 'Reunion'

Last month, the xx released audio of ‘Angels’, the first track to be heard from the Brit band’s second album Coexist.

We thought it was pretty good, but it’s come in for a bit of criticism in certain circles for basically sounding exactly like the majority of the songs from the xx’s self-titled debut. Which, let’s face it, it did. Now there’s a whole other debate to be had about this modern emphasis on bands “progressing” from album to album, especially when some of the world’s greatest ever musicians have spent decades sticking to a formula very effectively (and the xx, so far, appear to have an excellent formula). But that’s another issue to discuss another day, and it’s an issue that the xx appear to have side-stepped quite effectively on the material that we’ve since heard from Coexist.

First, there was audio of ‘Swept Away’, probably the clubbiest thing that we’ve heard yet from the group. And now, live footage of the group playing two more tracks from Coexist, ‘Sunset’ and ‘Reunion’, has emerged. The former isn’t quite the thumper that ‘Swept Away’ was, but it rides 4×4 claps and contains a sense of propulsion that didn’t really exist on the melted guitar chamber of the group’s debut, while ‘Reunion’ again features 4×4 kick drums (check the girl that screams “oh my God” when they kick in). You can stream footage of the group playing both new tracks, at Los Angeles’ Fonda Theatre, below [via Pretty Much Amazing].

Coexist will be released on September 11.



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