Dr. Dre developing crime/music series for FX

Not content with airlifting his headphones into the Olympic Games you know, anything to avoid finishing Detox – Dr. Dre’s next move will be starting his own TV show.

Indie Wire report that the former N.W.A. producer has been given an hour-long drama script development deal at FX, for a show that aims to “explore present day Los Angeles through the lens of the music business and the crime business”. Which, of course, in N.W.A.’s case, are two businesses that are heavily linked: Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records was famously funded by crack money.

The script for the as-yet-untitled show will written by Spike Lee collaborator Sidney Quashie; Quashie will also executive produce in collaboration with Dre.

This isn’t Dre’s first venture into the TV world, but it could well be his most successful: in 2007, his production company Crucial Films signed a deal with New Line Cinema, but nothing came of it after the company merged with Warner Bros. He’s also made several appearances in films, including 2001’s classic (ahem) The Wash, which also featured Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

Listen to Rick Ross’s recent ‘3 Kings’, featuring a verse from Dre, below.



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